„Keep fighting – you are sure to win!God helps you in your fight!For fame and freedom march with you,And right is on your side!“
                                  Taras Shevchenko 

The years are passing, centuries are passing, but the acuteness and the power of Shevchenko’s word are alive, and during the war, it makes even more sense then ever. Our strength lies in our unity and support of each other. The struggle for life and the future of our people is waged on all fronts. Brave, full of dignity hearts of our defenders who fight in the hell…Brave and caring hearts of people who constantly help, who despite the danger and many risks deliver humanitarian aid to all corners of our Motherland. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and respect to all those who care about the health of our people, who do not leave us in trouble, who, despite the circumstances, have a sacred duty to deliver this help on time every day.28.04. a number of necessary foodstuffs arrived to the Odessa region, including baby food, diapers, disinfectants, clothes and medicines. Thank you so much for being with us🙏People are our Support, our Hope, our Victory💙💛


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