Together, the Help Ukraine Foundation has donated large first-aid kits and medicines to our soldiers.

Among all:
• first aid kits of various formats
• compresses, bandages, and warming bandages
• high-quality Israeli bandages and hemostatic

Also passed food:

• canned food, beans, pate
• ready-made soups
• cookies and bread
• tea and coffee

Thank you for your support and help, and the constant transfers of funds. With your donations, we work and have the opportunity to help Ukrainians, our soldiers, children and civilians! Together we will win 🙌👊💛💙

We are currently raising funds for medicines, food, hygiene, essentials, and fuel and transportation to help children, displaced families, and our soldiers who risk their lives and health for our safety.
Now, with the help of foundations and caring people, we are helping our wounded soldiers, adults, and children’s hospitals (not to mention specific ones for safety), sending aid to hotspots, and supporting food and supplies for civilians from racist-affected cities.
Only together, only side by side, and by joint efforts, we will conquer and restore Ukraine and save the lives of many people and children!

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Fund phone: +370 603 83506
Foundation website:

Charitable Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine – RDU
Ukrainian-Swiss Business Association
ITTA – International Technology Transfer Association

Support us 🙌

If you want to help with money and have medicines, medical equipment, food, hygiene or necessities, transport, fuel or do you know people who can help, give help to people who need our support, contact us, we have created a telegram channel where You can send information and also be in constant contact with us. We work 24/7 to help Ukraine and Ukrainians in such a difficult time for everyone:

Join our team!!!

Together to victory🙌👊
Together we are strong
Glory to Ukraine💛💙🇺🇦

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