As soon as we got the information about the beginning of the war in Ukraine, about the beginning of the aggression of russia, we immediately realized that it was necessary to train specialists according to the Program  ā€˛Children and war: healing techniques” – they are already needed, and later they will be needed even more.

Amidst all the fear of war, each child experienced and continues experiencing their story. All our children – from newborns to teenagers, all our little suns – children of war, a traumatized generation. 

The Help Ukraine team started online work in March. Two groups worked in parallel: psychologists and psychotherapists from different countries of the world were involved in the first group: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, since Ukrainian children became refugees and fled with their parents from the war abroad. Ukrainian psychology students of senior years, teachers, social workers, volunteers and all those willing to join the much-needed assistance to war-affected children and their parents were invited to the second group. 

The time of work in the training was not easy – everyone was under intense stress. And the coaching work required additional efforts, but at that time we did not pay attention to it. Our goal was to train as many specialists as possible to work with the Program’s tools. More than three hundred people studied, they were the first swallows that flew to different places and took on the first burden of psychological assistance to the affected Ukrainian children.

It is clear that there are already many injured children in Ukraine, and the longer the hostilities continue, the more such children will be. So, a lot of psychological help will be needed.


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